General information for Resellers

As a reseller you can place "white label" orders for your customers. InterSSL will not contact your customers and they won't receive any emails from us, if you don't like to. All emails are sent to your interssl account only.

Only if you choose to complete domain validation instead of HTTP(S) or DNS, the certificate authority will send a neutral email (lacking pricing information) to If you choose to validate using HTTP(S) or DNS, your customer will never receive any emails from us nor the certificate authority.

Of course resellers may also use our API Access to place automated orders via code and configure SSLs.

Reseller discounts are depending on how many SSLs you are planning to order, and also the type and brands of SSLS. - Kindly contact us so we can negotiate a deal that is resulting in a win:win situation for all stakeholders.

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