What does " Vendor Status: Failed Security Review - Please contact your SSL provider" mean?

This is equivalent to "Pending Manual Review by CA".

It means your SSL certificate has been flagged for manual review by a employee from the CA (Certificate Authority). Typically this may occur if your domain name matches certain keywords (e.g. finance sector, military sector, special brand names). It might also be just sample-like. Unfortunately we have no influence on which SSL certificate request will be flagged for manual review. Typically this might take up to 24 hours. We can, however, contact the CA and ask for quicker review. So if you are in a hurry and want us to ask the CA for quicker review, please drop us a support ticket.

An alternative for urgent orders would be to place a second order for a SSL from another CA hoping that the other CA will immediately process your request, and have us cancel the first certificate request later.

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