Tomcat GlassFish SSL CSR creation & installation example

cd /opt/glassfish4/glassfish/domains/domain1/config
keytool -list -v -alias s1as -keystore keystore.jks
cp keystore.jks keystore.jks_backup
keytool -delete -alias s1as -keystore keystore.jks
keytool -keysize 4096 -genkey -alias s1as -keyalg RSA -dname "CN=*,O=Company,L=Wattil,S=SG,C=CH" -keypass changeit -storepass changeit -keystore keystore.jks
keytool -list -v -alias s1as -keystore keystore.jks
keytool -certreq -alias s1as -keystore keystore.jks -storepass changeit -keypass changeit -file
#Order SSL certificate with this CSR and copy the certificate .ZIP file as deliverd from COMODO into the current folder
keytool -import -alias COMODORSADomainValidationSecureServerCA -keystore keystore.jks -trustcacerts -file COMODORSADomainValidationSecureServerCA.crt
keytool -import -alias COMODORSAAddTrustCA -keystore keystore.jks -trustcacerts -file COMODORSAAddTrustCA.crt
keytool -import -alias AddTrustExternalCARoot -keystore keystore.jks -trustcacerts -file AddTrustExternalCARoot.crt
keytool -import -alias s1as -keystore keystore.jks -trustcacerts -file STAR_yourdomain_com.crt
keytool -list -v -alias s1as -keystore keystore.jks

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