Microsoft Exchange server: which SSL to use? What about autodiscover. subdomain?

Symptom: internal access is working properly, but accessing with Outlook from remote locations is showing an error that is not part of the SSL certificate.


Don't use a single domain certificate, but a wildcard or mutli-domain certificate that not only includes "" but also "".

If you have already ordered a single domain certificate, you can use the 14 days money-back-guarantee and replace it with the proper one.

Multi-Domain certificate:

As with a single domain certificate, create the CSR for "". When placing the CSR inside "My InterSSL", add "" as a SAN Slot.

Wildcard certificate:
Simply create a CSR for *  The autodiscover. domain will automatically be covered by the wildcard certificate.

White Paper: Understanding the Exchange 2010 Autodiscover Service

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