From August 19th 2020, SECTIGO issues SSL certificates with a maximum lifetime of 398 days (13 months) as specified by CA/Browser consortium. SSL certificates with a longer lifetime must be re-issued annually (free of charge). You'll receive reminders via e-mail. SSL certificates issued before August 19th 2020 remain valid until their planned expiry date. Code Signing & S/MIME certificates are not affected and remain valid until their planned expiry date.

ErrorCode:-9009|Message:Vendor returns error:ErrorField:CSR|ErrorMessageThe common name in the CSR does not match the site's domain name

This error may occur when you are re-issuing a certificate and are using a different COMMON NAME inside the CSR than the one that was used for requesting the SSL certificate initially.

This might also happen with "" vs. "" (excluding www.) for the re-issue.

Solution: use exactly the same domain in the COMMON NAME of your CSR as it has been used in the initial certificate request.

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