From August 19th 2020, SECTIGO issues SSL certificates with a maximum lifetime of 398 days (13 months) as specified by CA/Browser consortium. SSL certificates with a longer lifetime must be re-issued annually (free of charge). You'll receive reminders via e-mail. SSL certificates issued before August 19th 2020 remain valid until their planned expiry date. Code Signing & S/MIME certificates are not affected and remain valid until their planned expiry date.

New bank account details effective 1st August 2021

Beginning 1st August 2021 we are using a new bank account from (formerly Transferwise):

Account holder: Baumgartner New Media Gesellschaft mbH
IBAN: BE90967116765532
Bank: Wise Europe SA (formerly known as Transferwise Europe SA)

Wise convinced us with their concept, fee structure, APIs as well as quick SEPA transfers. Deposits are secured as with any other European bank, there is no account management fees, and no negative interest rate.

Why an IBAN from Belgium? assigns German IBANs only to companies resident in Germany, Austrian IBANs are not available currently. The account provided is running on our own company name and used for our tax payments. Furthermore, it's published via Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WKO), you can find our record here:

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