Code Signing for Indie Developers (Individuals): Face to Face Verification Details

Validation policy has been revised. In order to get individual code signing certificate please provide us the documents mentioned in the any one of below validation options.

Option 1 :
 (i) Please provide anyone of your government issued photo id card such as passport, national id card, or driving license which also confirms your address in it. (Address in the document is must)
 (ii) Also please provide your selfie picture holding the above mentioned document near your face.
Sectigo Support Ticket Formular:
Please chose "Validation Support". You MUST provide the SECTIGO Order Number that we have provided to you by email (don't confuse this with SSL ID or InterSSL invoice order/invoice numbers!)

Option 2: (If the address is not mentioned in any of your government issued photo id)
Please provide us the face to face verified documents from Notary. Please refer the below link and get back to us with the required documents.

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