From August 19th 2020, SECTIGO issues SSL certificates with a maximum lifetime of 398 days (13 months) as specified by CA/Browser consortium. SSL certificates with a longer lifetime must be re-issued annually (free of charge). You'll receive reminders via e-mail. SSL certificates issued before August 19th 2020 remain valid until their planned expiry date. Code Signing & S/MIME certificates are not affected and remain valid until their planned expiry date.

COMODO PositiveSSL: idAuthority Credentials NOT available for this site

The message "idAuthority Credentials NOT available for this site" can occur with the COMODO or PositiveSSL Trust Logo and looks like this:

idAuthority Credentials are NOT available for this site

The idAuthority check is available for all COMODO certificates, except for multi-domain certificates.

In case you are using a multi-domain certificate, you've got the following alternative solutions:

a) Embed the trust logo as an image, not using the javascript so the idAuthority banner message won't be displayed:

b) Use the PositiveSSL site seal instead:

Positive SSL Site Seal

COMODO is offering additional solutions and explanations concerning this message here:

You may find additional information regarding idAuthority here:

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